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International Seminar Programme

Extensive support and guidance. Individual and customised tutorials and feedback, as well as sample assignments and observations!

Excellent reviews from our graduates, with 98% success rate!

Highly experienced trainers. Our programme Director is a Delta Assessor!

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We prepare teachers capable of working in any country in the world.

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Get to know our Quaity Circle Programme

1 Fun ways to teach and learn grammar: YL’s – Rosie Elsman 28th October, 2022: 10am – 11:15am Registrate
2 Revamp your English classroom with Cambridge digital tools (Cambridge) 25th November, 2022: 10am – 11:15am Registrate
3 How to improve your students’ pronunciation. – Ricardo Fajardo 27th January, 2023: 10am – 11:15am Registrate
4 Common Mistakes made by Spanish-speaking learners of English. 24th February, 2023: 10am – 11:15am Registrate
5 Developing Study Skills to Optimise Student Learning Part 2 – Ricardo Fajardo 31st March, 2023: 10am – 11:15am Registrate
6 How to motivate our learners to read fiction: comprehensible input – Reza Eshtehardi 28th April, 2023: 10am – 11:15am Registrate
7 Fun ways to teach and learn grammar: Teens – Alastair Grant
26th May, 2023: 10am – 11:15am Registrate
8 More apps for ELT and how to use them, and a look at Mobile Learning. – Erica Coss 30th June 30, 2023: 10am – 11:15am Registrate
Calendarios de cursos, módulos y sesiones
Curso 1 – octubre y noviembre, 2022 Curso 2 – febrero y marzo, 2023
-Módulo 1: octubre 6,13,20 -Módulo 1: febrero 2,9,16
-Módulo 2: noviembre 10,17,24 -Módulo 2: marzo 2,9,23
Jueves de 4:30 a 6:00pm Jueves de 4:30 a 6:00pm

Temas por módulo
Módulo 1: Habilidades clave para afrontar nuevas realidades y generar mejores resultados.
Tutora: Dra Denise Levy
Módulo 2: Habilidades clave para crear equipos comprometidos.
Tutora: Dra Lorena Villalpando
Sesión 1: Flexibilidad
El panorama general en perspectiva.
Posibilidades vs Limitaciones
Auto conocimiento y puntos ciegos(ventana de Yoharis).
Sesión 1: Comunicación
Las 3 top estrategias de comunicación interna.
Comunicación externa: tu equipo como marca.
Alineación de equipos a través de instrumentos de medición.
Sesión 2: Manejo del cambio
Resistencia al cambio.
Roles del equipo y su impacto al cambio.
Estrategias para lidiar con el cambio(VUCA).
Sesión 2: Compromiso
Tips para construir confianza y compromiso.
3 estrategias probadas de retroalimentación y reconocimiento.
Sesión 3: Resolución de conflictos
Tipos de conflictos
3 estrategias efectivas para la resolución de conflictos.
Sesión 3: Empoderamiento
Los 4 pilares del “Engagement”.
Impacto del empoderamiento en los equipos de trabajo.
Courses & Sessions Calendar
Courses Session 1 Welcome 5pm – 7pm Session 2 Reading 5pm – 6:30pm Session 3 Listening 5pm – 6:30pm Session 4 Speaking 5pm – 6:30pm Session 5 Writing 5pm – 6:30pm
1 Mon 3rd Oct Mon 24th Oct Mon 14th Nov Mon 5th Dec Mon 16th Jan
2 Tue 11th Oct Tue 15th Nov Tue 22nd Nov Tue 13th Dec Tue 13th Dec
3 Wed 19th Oct Wed 9th Nov Wed 7th Dec Wed 11th Jan Wed 11th Jan
4 Thurs 27th Oct Thurs 17th Nov Thurs 8th Dec Thurs 19th Jan Thurs 19th Jan
5 Fri 4th Nov Fri 25th Nov Fri 16th Dec Fri 12th Jan Fri 12th Jan
6 Mon 7th Nov Mon 5th Dec Mon 9th Jan Mon 30th Jan Mon 30th Jan
7 Tue 15th Nov Tue 6th Dec Tue 17th Jan Tue 7th Feb Tue 7th Feb
8 Wed 23rd Nov Wed 14th Dec Wed 25th Jan Wed 15th Feb Wed 15th Feb
9 Thurs 1st Dec Thurs 12th Jan Thurs 2nd Feb Thurs 16th Feb Thurs 16th Feb
10 Fri 9th Dec Fri 20th Jan Fri 10th Feb Fri 3rd Mar Fri 3rd Mar

Our New and Improved CELTA 100% Online

As you’re aware, CELTA (the Certificate in English Language Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages) is the most highly recognised and regarded initial English teaching certification preferred by employers worldwide. It’s awarded by Cambridge Assessment English, meaning you can rely on the CELTA’s quality and accreditation. CELTA will allow you to travel around the world, teaching English to speakers of other languages.

What you might not know is that we’ve been improving our course offering so you get the best value for your investment to get the most out of CELTA so you can start working as an English Teacher as soon as you complete the course!


To get you ready for your CELTA course, when you enroll, we give you free access to our CELTA preparation self-study website created on Google Classrooms by CELTA tutors to prepare you before you start your course; brush up on grammar, be introduced to teaching methodology and approaches, lesson planning and receive helpful resources to support you through the CELTA course.


We’re in a privileged position to be able to facilitate the transition from being a graduate from CELTA to the active ELT market! In addition to access to our worldwide network of over 150 schools in over 50 countries enroll with us and you get:

A special CELTA Masterclass covering Job, CV and careers advice including access to our Job Fair at the end of every single CELTA 100% Online course.

Available for a limited time

As we understand teaching online is a trend here to stay, we give you FREE access to our Teaching Online Course so you get a second certificate (apart from your CELTA) to be competitive in the workforce. This is a separate, 50-hour self-paced course with input on tasks, strategies, and approaches to planning in the online environment. We charge USD $300 for this course and you get it for FREE as part of your CELTA course!

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Not only do we have competitive pricing and pre & post-course offerings you won’t get at any other centre, you get TWO CERTIFICATES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE which makes this the best value on the market

Teacher Recruitment in the USA – international Alliance Group

Access to our teacher placement program through our partnership with International Teach Alliance who actively recruits qualified teachers at each Job Fair to fill government sponsored teaching positions in accredited schools across the USA for 3-5 year contracts.


They offer special contracts for USA citizens and for non-USA citizens, they provide J-1 visa assistance, getting your Social Security Number, housing assistance, medical insurance coverage and the option to bring your family!

Access to our Alumni social media network where we post local and international jobs and where you can continue to expand your ELT network moving forward.

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New PRE CELTA Programme

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The biggest “complaint” about the CELTA is that it’s an intense course with a heavy workload which can be overwhelming if you’re not properly prepared. Our FREE Pre-CELTA course will prepare you by introducing you to CELTA content and by giving you a taste of what to expect on CELTA so you thrive in spite of the workload and intensity.

If that’s not reason enough, as a graduate of our FREE Pre-CELTA course and once accepted on CELTA, you’ll be fast-tracked so you can skip the pre-course task and directly join your CELTA course!

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